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Download Free Beyond The Shroud (Karazan Quartet #2) By V.M. Jones PDF

Beyond the Shroud Karazan Quartet 2
Categories: Fantasy
Rating: 4.04 of 5 stars,124 ratings
Series: Karazan Quartet #2
Original Format: Paperback, 224 pages
Language: N/A
Original Title: Beyond the Shroud (Karazan Quartet S.)
Readers of children's fantasy were first introduced to Adam Equinox and the amazing parallel world of Karazan in The Serpents of Arakesh. At the time, world-renowned children's author Margaret Mahy had this to say about it: One of the most significant writers for young people to emerge in New Zealand over the last year is Vicky Jones. She represents a significant talent in terms of style and story and her first book Buddy is already celebrated, having won the Best Junior Fiction Award and the best First Writer Award at the 2003 New Zealand Post Children's Book Awards...a well-deserved double triumph. Vicky Jones is now launching into a demanding fantasy series, the first book of which is The Serpents of Arakesh. Fantasy is in some ways an over-burdened genre, but this book is both original and compelling, straddling real and fantastic worlds with equal conviction, and combining classical elements, such as the mysterious quest, with contemporary ones - computer games and the world of electronic adventure. The five main characters are strongly drawn and the hero, strengthened by friendship and the recognition of his talents, moves from being a withdrawn boy, abandoned as a baby, to being a full hero, imaginatively and intuitively strong with the prospect of many further mysterious adventures ahead of him. Vicky Jones writes with imaginative power and clarity and her story resonates with an inner conviction that brings about a more-than-willing suspension of disbelief in the reader. Beyond the Shroud continues Adam's story, and does indeed reveal many further mysterious adventures, when Adam's much anticipated return to Quested Court is overshadowed by Hannah's disappearance. Once more the five friends must face the dangers and challenges of Karazan - including an unexpected interloper from their own world. In an action-packed and fast-paced adventure, VM Jones shows how wit and courage can provide hope in even the darkest moments of despair, as she deepens the central mystery of Adam Equinox and the blighted land of Karazan, at the same time providing an exciting and satisfying story to delight her many fans.
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