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The Ghost Rock Cafe
Categories: Mystery
Rating: 3.37 of 5 stars,51 ratings
Series: N/A
Original Format: ebook, 252 pages
Language: English
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An old hermit has been killed in Utah’s wildlands, and Sheriff Bud Shumway knows it’s murder, even though some say it was a cougar kill. Others think it was done by a Bigfoot who has roamed the area for years, killing cattle and leaving people so traumatized that they never want to go into the wilderness again. But Sheriff Shumway can’t afford to believe in Bigfoot, given the huge area he’s responsible for, most of it wildlands. Set at the Ghost Rock Cafe, high on the wild and mysterious San Rafael Swell, this mystery will have you laughing, scared to death, and wondering if Bigfoot might really exist. In any case, you’ll find out who really killed the hermit of Swasey’s Cabin, and it may not be who you think."I couldn’t put this book down. What a great read! It’s as authentic as it gets, and the plot has a...well, I can’t tell you, or it will ruin it. If you like mysteries, Bigfoot, and the wilderness, this book has it all- trains, movie producers, geology students, ranchers, floods, watermelon farmers, missing cattle who really aren’t missing, ravens, weener dogs, Indian pots, dynamite truck drivers, stretch Hummers...the list is endless and makes for a wild and sometimes terrifying tale, but one that’s a real page-turner, tons of fun, and a great read."-Rusty Wilson, author of "Rusty Wilson’s Bigfoot Campfire Stories""A very entertaining read. The dialog is well done and the characters are great. The settings are unique and have a great western flavor. Excellent!"-Roger Dean Miller, Geologist
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