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Download Online Tides Of Tranquility (Sacred Breath #5) By Nadia Scrieva PDF
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Download Online Tides Of Tranquility (Sacred Breath #5) By Nadia Scrieva PDF

Tides of Tranquility Sacred Breath 5
Categories: Fantasy
Rating: 4.39 of 5 stars,76 ratings
Series: Sacred Breath #5
Original Format: Kindle Edition, 292 pages
Language: English
Original Title: -
Five years ago, Adlivun defeated the Clan of Zalcan in a crushing victory. Since then, Queen Aazuria has liberated all of the oppressed underwater nations and joined them together under the crown of the Oceanic Empire. Everyone is enjoying this time of peace, prosperity, and rebuilding, when whispers begin to surface that danger might be afoot again. The CIA has taken a special interest in Vachlan and his family, while a new threat called Leviathan baffles sea-dwellers and land-dwellers alike. Princess Varia and her childhood friend, Glais, are now teenagers, trying to find their place in the world as they grow up at the palace. The tensions run high between them as their innocent friendship teeters on the edge of evolving into something more. Meanwhile, far from the capital and her beloved family, Queen Elandria struggles to survive the grueling training of the high priestess. Visola seems to be concealing important information from her husband, could this bombshell upset the carefully achieved balance in their lives?
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