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Find Babes In Captivity By Pamela Redmond Satran PDF

Babes in Captivity
Categories: Womens Fiction
Rating: 3.16 of 5 stars,197 ratings
Series: N/A
Original Format: Paperback, 304 pages
Language: English
Original Title: Babes in Captivity
They've satisfied their biological clocks. They met six years ago in a mom's group. Deirdre, Juliette, Anne, and Lisa are each living The Dream in the suburbs outside of New York City: beautiful wedding, big house, picture perfect family. What more could a woman want? Plenty, though none of them has ever admitted it. Out loud, anyway. It all starts with Deirdre....When she learns that her ex-lover, musician Nick Ruby, has moved back East, she confides in her girlfriends that she regrets her lost singing career, and her lost love affair with Nick. And since there doesn't seem to be a "what's next" in her life, she's more than a little curious about "what if...?" So what's that ticking sound? Deirdre's confession and her plan to revive her dreams and make them reality has a startling ripple effect. It turns out none of the four is as happy as she seems: Anne fears her marriage is in jeopardy. Juliette desperately wants to have another baby but can't. And Lisa's facing decisions that her life literally depends on. The doors swing wide when these babes start breaking out...but at what price? There's no satisfaction guarantee for any one of them, but taking chances together sure beats going it alone.
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