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Free Online Download Targets Down: A Novel By Bob Hamer PDF

Targets Down: A Novel
Categories: Thriller
Rating: 3.96 of 5 stars,51 ratings
Series: N/A
Original Format: Paperback, 368 pages
Language: English
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Targets Down is the follow-up to retired FBI agent Bob Hamer's Enemies Among Us, which Publishers Weekly hailed as "a page-turning roller coaster that feels like Jack Bauer’s 24 without sailing over the top."When an FBI wife is critically wounded and two people are found dead on a mountain pass, special agent Matt Hogan is tasked with identifying those responsible. The undercover assignment takes him into the shadow world of Russian organized crime, neo-Nazis, and the sex-slave industry. Matt's cover is almost blown twice-once by accident, once by incompetence within the FBI ranks-making violence appear to be his only solution. As he confronts evil, Hogan relies not only on the strength of his wife's faith but his own quest to find God. He also finds terror and terrorism on this heart-pounding journey.Acclaim for Targets Down:"Hamer delivers a gripping suspense novel which could also be read as a textbook on criminal enterprise and undercover operations." The Suspense Zone "A poignant, brave, and honest novel, alternately luridly bracing and surprisingly touching . . ."Nick Searcy, actor (Justified)"His lifetime of undercover experiences brings a sense of realism to his latest page-turning work."Jeffrey Hunt, director (CSI, CSI: NY)
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