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Get Sudden Deception (Jill Oliver #1) By Judith Price PDF
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Get Sudden Deception (Jill Oliver #1) By Judith Price PDF

Sudden Deception Jill Oliver 1
Categories: Thriller
Rating: 3.38 of 5 stars,47 ratings
Series: Jill Oliver #1
Original Format: Paperback, 272 pages
Language: English
Original Title: -
Professionally edited, this taut, fast-paced suspense thriller, reflecting the political realities of current events, details a week-long, action-packed journey that culminates in a stunning conclusion in Dubai. It depicts the personal journey and physical dangers a woman must take on to save the man she loves and to save the world. Jill is a terrorist profiler for the US Marshal Special Operations Group and former Remote Viewer for the FBI. When her new husband David, a war correspondent for Time, disappears while on assignment in the Middle East, Jill embarks upon a journey deep into the region to find him. Deception and danger plague her every move. Her only hope is the help of a mysterious and handsome Arabian man who escorts her to the foothills on the Turkmenistan/Afghanistan border. Ultimately, however, Jill is left on her own in a sinister web of intrigue. As she overcomes both fear of external dangers and her internal demons, she learns what true deception really is. The protagonist, Jill Oliver, is a contemporary American heroinea fresh new take on the popular type of action hero previously embodied by Jack Bauer of the hit series "24" and the characters of Tom Clancy, James Patterson and other bestselling authors. Genres: Suspense Thriller, Police Procedural, Remote Viewer Suspense Thriller, International Thriller, Paranormal Suspense Mystery
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