Raise The Titanic! (Dirk Pitt #4) by Clive Cussler CHM

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Raise The Titanic! (Dirk Pitt #4) By Clive Cussler CHM
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Raise The Titanic! (Dirk Pitt #4) By Clive Cussler CHM

Raise The Titanic! Dirk Pitt 4
Categories: Fiction
Rating: 3.92 of 5 stars,15,135 ratings
Series: Dirk Pitt #4
Original Format: Paperback, 373 pages
Language: English
Original Title: Raise The Titanic!
The President's secret task force develops the ultimate defensive weapon. At its core: byzanium, a radioactive element so rare sufficient quantities have never been found. But a frozen American corpse on a desolate Soviet mountainside, a bizarre mining accident in Colorado, and a madman's dying message lead DlRK PITT to a secret cache of byzanium. Now he begins his most thrilling, daunting mission to raise from its watery grave the shipwreck of the century! In a daring gamble, DIRK PITT locates the Titanic and suddenly his crew is in deadly jeopardy. Sabotaged by Russian spies and savage storms, Pitt must stop a diabolical plan for Soviet world supremacy or see the mighty Titanic blasted out of existence!
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