Review Candle in the Window (Medieval Series #1) by Christina Dodd PDF

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Review Candle In The Window (Medieval Series #1) By Christina Dodd PDF
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Review Candle In The Window (Medieval Series #1) By Christina Dodd PDF

Candle in the Window Medieval Series 1
Categories: Romance
Rating: 3.82 of 5 stars,1,622 ratings
Series: Medieval Series #1
Original Format: Paperback, 437 pages
Language: English
Original Title: Candle in the Window
Two lovers ignite a world of darkness with their wild, breathless passion.Raven-haired Lady Saura of Roget was the loveliest maiden in all Christendom, unrivalled in face and figure. Yet her fortune and her day-to-day existence were controlled by her unscrupulous stepfather. She lived a life of lonely servitude until she was summoned to the castle of Sir William of Miraval, the magnificent knight sworn to liveor perishby the sword. But that was before his world exploded in agonizing darkness.Bound by their need, they came together in a blaze of passion Saura, the proud Norman beauty, and William, the golden warrior who laid siege to her heart. Yet blackest danger awaited them just beyond the castle walls, and Saura and her beloved soon found themselves fighting for their lives against a treacherous enemy, even as they surrendered to a love that would consume them in its brilliant flame.
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