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Second Skin By John Hawkes, Jeffrey Eugenides PDF
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Second Skin By John Hawkes, Jeffrey Eugenides PDF

Second Skin
Categories: Fiction
Rating: 3.82 of 5 stars,259 ratings
Series: N/A
Original Format: Paperback, 210 pages
Language: English
Original Title: Second Skin
Skipper, an ex-World War II naval Lieutenant and the narrator of Second Skin,interweaves past and present-what he refers to as his "nakedhistory"-in a series of episodes that tell the story of a volatile lifemarked by pitiful losses, as well as a more elusive, overwhelming, joy.The past: the suicides of his father, wife and daughter, the murder ofhis son-in-law, a brutal rape, and subsequent mutiny at sea. Thepresent: caring for his granddaughter on a "northern" island where heworks as an artificial inseminator of cows, and attempts to reclaim theinnocence with which he faced the tragedies of his earlier life.Combining unflinching descriptions of suffering with his sense ofbeauty, Hawkes is a master of nimble and sensuous prose who makes theawful and mundane fantastic, and occasionally makes the fantasticsurreal.
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